I’m not mad at black men being pardoned. I would have loved for Mumia to get out though.

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Today is a joyous day in the eyes of most Americans. Notice I said most, not all. For most, today is the first day of America’s new relationship with a seemingly stable and efficient leader. I can see how most are happy.

To others who aren’t followers of white nationalist gangs and who aren’t crumping in front of police though, today is yet another day in the saga of being black in America. Nothing to raise hell over or shout praises for.

But I admit seeing 45 pardoning a slew of famous black celebrities like Kwame Kilpatrick, Lil Wayne, Kodak…

I’m old enough now to see them and me for who we really are.

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All influence is immoral — immoral from the scientific point of view.’


‘Because to influence a person is to give him one’s own soul.” Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

If this year has shown us anything, it has shown us two things which are we spend entirely too much time focusing on the affairs of people with money and status, and also that we give them too much credit for being spokespeople for their audience. From Desi Banks to Kevin Hart, we see over and over the danger of viewing people as more than what they are…

For years Georgia has been a red state despite recent developments. It’s almost like they designed it that way.

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From 1948 on, the Democratic Party has moved to the left politically and to the north geographically. Herman Talmadge

For starters, I am an educator who works in a rural school system that is located in the deep Southern corner of Georgia. Our school system is roughly 70% black, and agriculture drives the bulk of the revenue our way as pecans, peaches, and cotton reign king. Yet there’s one thing that remains constant: No matter how much people believe things change, they inevitably remain more or less the same.

Last night, I watched the election and saw the results for…

In the mid-1990s, Oomp Camp laid the foundation for Atlanta’s musical progression

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Disturbing the Peace. Quality Control. Think It’s a Game. Grand Hustle. So So Def. These labels shaped the course of Atlanta hip-hop over the course of the last 20 years and gave us classic groups like Kris Kross or the Migos as well as artists like Ludacris and T.I. But quiet as kept, there’s another record label that’s just as old and homegrown but not nearly as known outside of GA: Big Oomp Records.

Established in 1996, Big Oomp Records was Atlanta’s first independent rap label. A chance meeting between Korey “Big Oomp” Roberson, DJ Jelly, and MC Assault started…

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Why everytime I say something or somebody say something you don’t agree with, ya’ll say we cancelled!? Why do y’all give up on your own so fast!?! Jess Hilarious

I have never been more exhausted hearing about the actions of other people than I am this year. In a year filled with pain and pandemics, all of us have been guilty of wanting distractions. Social media has been there to provide us with the meaningless coming and goings of the world’s exalted few.

But now I think more than ever we are seeing the other side of celebrity that leaves…

The Blue Check Bandits may fool some of us, but not all of us.

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My God. In the times of Jesus, it was the Sadducees and Pharisees that policed thought and misled people. Now it’s the blue check bandits on Twitter. Never have I witnessed such blatant disregard for context and academic integrity until this year. The verified few roam social media and not only police thought but promote intellectually misleading information for retweets and likes, all the while knowing the situations are more nuanced and complex than their statement.

As a black man, I’ve felt the wrath of real-life professors, some of whom I aspire to be like when they make sweeping generalizations…

Kanye West’s speech at Oxford Guild five years ago is one of the last and most important speeches he’s given us.

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People say it takes a village to raise a child. If you ask me how my daughter is doing, she’s only doing good if your daughter is doing good. Kanye West

Narcissistic. Erratic. Self-absorbed. Fragile.Earnest. There are several traits that can apply to the artist we know as Kanye West. Rarely are traits like insightful and prophetical used, however. It’s regrettable but understandable: Kanye’s passion and brashness have made him a polarizing figure whose aim varies with the wind. …

Killer Mike’s recent meeting with Governor Kemp reminded me of a long history of blacks partnering with politicians.

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The political and social rights of black people always have been and will be negotiable and expendable the moment they conflict with the interests of their allies. Kwame Ture

Killer Mike has had a year. His profile as an activist has risen considerably following his viral responses to Atlanta’s civil unrest following the murder of Rayshard Brooks. But as with any press, there are those who agree and disagree with the messenger. …

It’s been 25 years since their debut, and their project is as relevant now as it was back then.

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Everyday somebody gets killed, what’s the deal?

It’s 1995 and a n***a wanna live!

The type of life that people dream, I want things,

A crib, a car, while living the life of a king!

Here we are 25 years later, and Black people across the country still want the same things. The March on Washington in 1963 that morphed into the Million Man March in 1995 grew again this past week into the “Get Your Knees Off Our Neck” March. Considering everything we are experiencing, the T-Mo’s aforementioned verse from “I Didn’t Ask to Come” hits a little harder…

Lauryn Hill and Jeru the Damaja’s historic debate is a perfect analogy for where we are now as a people

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Not a day goes by without vitriolic rhetoric being spewed on Twitter or another social media application. Because of the pandemic, there’s a void in our collective psyches that’s usually filled with sports and reality television, which is instead being filled with similar replacements. Every event no matter how sparse or far-fetched it is now becomes fodder for any side to generate attention and too often we all get dragged into it. I’ll speak for myself and say I am thoroughly tired of Gender War Twitter days.

But amid all the lies, damn lies, and statistics, there are moments where…

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