The two LA emcees take us on a journey through their lives on their latest

His daily content on Atlanta is helping to preserve Atlanta’s rich black history.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram (@jokeboysosay)

Cam and his partner in crime, Hypnotic Prophet, hope to make their names known this year.

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David Goggins and Jason Wilson are showcasing another side of masculinity for a new and older generation.

Photos Courtesy of Instagram

9th Wonder’s recent thoughts on Drake and Kanye reflect a tradition of intelligence and astuteness.

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Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Singer and rapper Heem the Artist is using his art to showcase his life. Here’s why you should listen.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram (@ashtonblaak)

Photo Courtesy of Instagram (@ennyintegrity)

Rapper Hercc wants to put Arizona on the map and carve his name in the history books.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram (@Hercc)

Lupe’s SLR 3 ½ Diss reminds me of the time Common dropped his record at Ice Cube.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram

La Flare took East Atlanta to another level and built the Eastside up

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